Do you have a hobby you love so much it’s more like a passion?

I do, it’s playing golf.

Do you ever wonder how you can feed that passion within the logistical constraints of the realities of your life?

I do all the time. And that’s why I’ve started this blog.

I’m Becca, a devoted wife and mom who coached college golf for five years before a cross-country move shifted my profession from coaching golf to being our baby’s primary caregiver (I still haven’t found a version of “Stay at Home Mom” I like, but that’s what I am now I guess).


I love being with the little guy (he’s amazing!), but golf is constantly on my mind. As a coach, I had ample resources to play lots of golf but little time to do so. Now, I have ample time to play but little resources to do so. For several months I wallowed in a pool of self-pity until one day I couldn’t stand the thought of driving by another course and wondering, “why can’t I be out there?” I put a plan together and decided this summer was going to be the start of me balancing life and golf.

As a coach, I led a team to many major accomplishments. It was amazing to coach such a talented group of athletes and I grew a deeper love and understanding of the game. Now, I’m going to try to coach myself – which might be the biggest challenge of all.

I won’t give up on my love of playing this game. It’s just harder for me to do so now, and that’s OK. I’ve begun this blog as a way to document my experience of trying to be the best I can be within the real, but not insurmountable, constraints of my new lifestyle. I also will explore anything about golf that makes me happy.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!


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